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Terms Of Use

This Web Site is operated by Hitachi Power Semiconductor Device, Ltd. which is referred to below as ("This Company"). When using this website, the customer agrees to the terms and conditions of its use. The terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. We are requesting that users check the terms and conditions within the most recent content. There are parts of this website that are operated by this company's various departments. In addition, there are links to other website which are operated by this company. When using those parts and other websites, it is also necessary to agree to the terms and conditions listed inside, so please proceed with caution.


If there are no notices regarding this company's copyrights or prohibiting replication of the contents of this Web Site (text, diagrams, images, photographs), hard copies may be taken as long as they will be used by your organization internally, for non-profit uses. Except as stated above, this Web Site does not grant any rights based on the copyright, patent rights, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights. However, in the individual contents, if the conditions for use are shown separately, or if there is a link to contents which show those conditions for use, those conditions will be prioritized.

Texts and their Contents

This company doesn't make any guarantees regarding the texts and other contents of this Web Site. This company shall not take any responsibility even in cases where there are errors in the contents of the texts of this Web Site. Furthermore, the information contained in the texts of this Web Site may be subject to change without notice, so please be advised in advance.

Regarding Export Control

When exporting (or shipping to non-residents) technology and programs or purchased products, please comply with the appliable laws such as the "Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law."

Publication Date and their Contents

The information listed in this WebSite are the information at the time of listing.The information may be revised after listing, so please take note. The company names and products names listed are the trade names, trademarks, or registered trademarks of their respective companies.Furthermore, in the individual contents, when the trademarks are shown separately, or when there are links to contents which show them, that information shall be prioritized.

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Contact information for inquiries regarding the Terms of Use of this site

For inquiries regarding the terms and conditions of this Web Site, please contact us.


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