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Hitachi Power Semiconductors


General-use rectifier diodes

Diode for circuit rectification of low frequency bands (50/60Hz).

Typical applications: For rectification, prevention of reverse current, free-wheeling of various power supplies.

Controlled Avalanche Diode

A diode offering power surge and over-voltage protection or multi-purpose rectification.

Typical applications: Rectification, surge suppression in various power supplies.

Fast Recovery Diode

A diode that is used for high frequency rectification.

Typical applications: High-frequency power supply, prevention of reverse currents in high frequency circuits, free-wheeling.

Zener Diodes

Constant voltage diode to stabilize voltage.

Typical applications: Power supplies.

Surge Suppressor Diodes

A Zener-type diode specialized to absorb power surges caused by overvoltage. It guarantees absorption (loss) of non-reptitive power surge. However, it does not guarantee continuous current.

Typical applications: For protection of voltage and overvoltage.

Surge Suppressor Diode for load dump

A diode designed to protect electronics devices and systems from power surges in automotive environments.

Complies with JASO and ISO7637 transient voltage tests protocols.

Typical applications: Voltage protection of automotive electrical equipment such as ABS, air-bags, SatNavs, instrument clusters.

High Voltage Diodes

A diode used for rectifying high voltages.

Typical applications: High voltage power supply circuits such as printers, electrostatic coating systems, ignition systems, pulsed power.


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