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Hitachi Power Semiconductors


  • High thermal fatigue durability
  • High speed and low loss IGBT module
  • Low noise due to soft and fast recovery diode
  • Low driving power due to low input capacitance MOS gate
  • High reliability, high durability module
  • Isolated heatsink between terminals and base

Large Capacity IGBT


Trench Trench Gate
Low VCE(sat)
LiPT Low Injection Punch Through
Low switching loss
sLiPt Soft Low Injection Punch Through
Low noise, lower spike voltage
HiGT High Conductivity IGBT
Low VCE(sat)
SiC MOS Silicon Carbide MOSFET
SiC SBD Silicon Carbide Schottky Barrier Diode

Type Numbering System

Type Numbering System


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