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Hitachi Power Semiconductors


Package Type Name (Update) VCES(V) IC(A) Status*1 Application Note Outline Step File
2in1 SiC MSM600FS33ALT (2018/11/15) 3300 600 U
2in1 SiC MSM800FS33ALT (2018/11/15) 3300 800 U
2in1 SiC MSM900FS17ALT (2018/11/15) 1700 900 U
Chopper SiC MSL800FS33NLT (2020/05/28) 3300 800 U
Chopper SiC MSL800FS33PLT (2020/05/28) 3300 800 U

*1 M:Mass production, W:Working sample, D:Discontinued, U:Under development, S:Under study

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