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Hitachi Power Semiconductors

HITACHI power semiconductors delivering Power Through The Pedal

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Hitachi Suijin Series of Power Semiconductors for Automotive applications provide proven performance, power and reliability for the most demanding applications.

Our IGBTs combine the latest Semiconductors and packaging technology to give you the best performance, all built to Hitachi’s exacting quality standards for a dependable product.

The single package outline of the Suijin Series covers all power ratings in 600V to 1200V applications enabling high levels of design reuse and minimising your portfolio design cost

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Sophisticated power semiconductors bring efficiency, comfort and convenience to life. Power semiconductor devices are widely used for power conversion, motor control, industrial equipment, transportation, office equipment and home appliances. IGBTs are paving the way for wider application of highly efficient inverter technologies.

In so doing, they unlock the door to greater comfort and convenience while extending better protection of our environment.